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I know one thing, among the beautiful photos from the wedding day, your portraits can’t be missing. By making your portrait, I want to show not only how beautiful you look in your outfits and perfect hairstyles. The emotions and feelings of this day are as important as your appearance. Moments of joy, smile or full of love eyes when you look at yourself what will be see in the pictures. Wedding photos are photos full of emotions that will not be missing on your day.

Portraits of the Bride and Groom:

• Portrait of the Bride with ready make-up
• Bride in a wedding dress
• Bride with parents, siblings, bridesmaid (bridesmaids)
• Portrait of the Groom
• Portrait of the Groom with the best man (groomsmen)
• The Groom with his parents, siblings
• Portrait of the Groom with the Bride
• Portrait of the Bride and Groom with their parents
• And much more

bride groom wedding portrait krakow

The best moment for photos of the Bride and Groom

This is a very individual matter when it comes to timing. Every wedding party is different and there is no rule as to the moment. It can be a time during preparation, when we have time, or during a wedding party, or when there will be better lighting and conditions for an outdoor session. The portrait can also be taken after sunset if the conditions are right.

Groom portrait wedding

Outdoor session at a different date

The wedding session may take place at a different time. The Bride and Groom sometimes decide to have a session in a completely different place than the wedding itself. Sessions abroad or in places away from the destination are possible after informing me about such intentions. Despite such a decision, I always encourage you to make at least one portrait on your wedding day.

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